7 Days To Better Body Language

The Single Most Important Factor In Getting Girls

The most important thing when you approach a girl is having good body language. Body language, or nonverbals, can be your posture, your eye contact, your smile, how quickly you move, etc. And without confident, sexy body language nothing you do when get a girl interested in you. So starting Friday I plan on posting every day for a week about mastering different aspects of your body language. And by next friday you will have a collection of knowledge that will enable you to approach any girl and give off a confident vibe that she will be magnetized to. Also, any questions along the way will be answered, I want a defnitive, clear guide to body language and any questions I’m asked will help me in creating just that.

Body Language

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How to Get a Girl Interested In You Without Saying A Word

How to get a girl interested

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Last weekend I had a ton of beautiful girls checking me out. Time after time I would meet eyes with a girl and she would smile and give me that “howyoudoin?” look. It was ridiculous because I wasn’t well dressed and I was feeling a little sick so I was nowhere near the top of my game. Yet in spite of all these disadvantages I had girls staring me down and I know I could have approached any of them and gotten their number and probably a date with them, just based on their reactions towards me.

So What Was My Secret To Getting The Girls’ Attention?

So if I wasn’t trying to pick these girls up or get their attention what was it about me that they were being drawn to? Well it was a thing called Preselection.  Preselection is the principle that girls like guys that other girls like. I left a key to the equation out; while I was out and about last weekend I had my friend/girlfriend Mallory out with me. She and I weren’t all over each other, we weren’t kissing and hugging in public a lot, and if you didn’t know us she would just seem like a platonic friend of mine.

Yet just her being there was enough to draw the attention of other girls to me. In fact Preselection is so strong that just yesterday I was out running errands and I held a door for this girl. As a result she and I ended up leaving the building side by side. We didn’t know each other we were just in each other’s vicinity for a moment, when a beautiful blonde looked first at the girl to my left and then stared at me smiling. It’s crazy, because me and the girl I held the door for weren’t even together. The whole Preselection phenomenon seems to be a neurological disorder that I’m convinced all girls have. Because if I’m with a girl, boom, instant attraction from girls in the room that I would have to approach to get them to notice me if I were alone.

pick up girls

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2 Ways You Can Use This Secret

Ok this is great; I know you’re thinking I can use girls I know to make getting girls I want to know easier, but how do I get girls to hang out with me to begin with? Well there are two ways I’ve come up with to use Preselection to get girls interested in you.

First, the girl you spend time with doesn’t have to be a romantic interest, nor does she have to be the type of girl you’d ever be romantically interested in. What I mean is you can spend time with a girl you’re not interested in, just as friends, and leverage that into more attention from girls you like. Obviously, I’m not suggesting you lead a girl that you feel is less than what you’d want to believe you’re interested. But if you’re upfront with your intentions, that you want to be friends and just hangout, there’s no reason not to use that friendship when out in public to attract girls.

Second is, and it’s not as creepy as it may sound, family members. I have a baby sis who just turned 19, so we have a lot in common and I love spending time with her and kind of bestowing big brother advice while making sure she stays out of trouble. At the same time I’m out with her, girls my age are seeing me out with a girl and it’s drawing their attention. So it’s become a thing my little sister is used to that I’m going to flirt with girls while she and I are out. When these girls ask about her, I tell them matter-of-factly that she is my sister and by that time we’ve already started interacting and the girl has made up her mind whether or not she’s attracted to me anyways.

Finally, I said there were two Preselection methods that don’t require you to be great with girls to use, but there’s a third less obvious method that uses Preselection to your advantage. The cold approach, when you see a girl that you like and you go up and tell her she’s cute, or that you like her dress, this can only mean one thing in the girl’s mind. The fact you have the guts to be so upfront with her means you must be used to other girls being attracted to you, and this is attractive. So in the case of the cold approach you’re implying Preselection without actually having a girl present. Now, this also requires a lot of the right, confident body language. But I plan on really diving into nonverbals starting Friday. So, in two weeks you should have your body language down.

But until then, grab your sister or your female bff and go out and get some of the ladies checking you out.

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5 Things I Love About Blogging!!

After writing my first post I’ve started to re-evaluate my goals and the path I’m going to take in regards to this blog. Writing an article about pickup was not only very difficult for me, but I felt like the end result didn’t provide the value that I want to offer.  So I want to take a break from pickup to talk about this past month. This past month has moved by at light speed. When I decided to start helping guys approach girls I was forced to get acquainted with the blogosphere.  And I want to take a second from figuring out how to provide that value to geek out over blogging.


Blogs, podcasts, and websites owned by individuals are all new things to me. I’d never written, read, or followed a blog before just a month ago and I have to say my mind is blown! For someone used to buying products, and gaining information from conventional corporations, big brick and mortar companies, and the giant conglomerates the experience of researching and learning from individuals that host blogs has been indescribable.
What follows are the five things I love about the new blogging community, and some blogs I’ve fallen in love with.

The Five Things I love

1)      The availability is CRAZY!! Rather than just being directed to a FAQ page or talking to some operator in New Delhi I can email these guys directly. Guys that earn thousands every month. People that have thriving businesses and followings nearing the millions. And I can contact them via email or Facebook?? I seriously can’t imagine going back to the old telephone operator way of dealing with businesses.

An example is www.smartpassiveincome.com

2)      The Free Stuff!!! And I’m not talking BS free stuff. I bought a book online one time, I think from BooksAMillion, and got a “free gift”. It was a paper bookmark. I simply joined some blogs and got free ebooks. Their podcasts are free! Chris Guillebeau has a conference coming near me in May and I printed out a ticket to go.  For Free! That’s pretty friggin awesome 🙂

 An example is www.writersincharge.com

3)     These are regular guys. These guys earn more than I do in a year every single week. And when I read their pages or listen to their podcasts it’s not the same as reading a book written by Donald Trump.  Every time I read one of the really good blogs I get that sense of connection along with the information. And the information I get from these blogs alone trumps the information I’ve paid for in the past. The blogs I could list for this category would take up a dozen more paragraphs but my favorite is www.fluentin3months.com

4)      The support I’ve gotten is impossible to describe. I posted my About Me for pickupuniversity just a week ago and my blog has had 2 comments, several ‘likes’, and 33 views. The support I’ve gotten from people I don’t know rivals that of my friends and family. And the people supporting me over the internet and cheering me on aren’t “Marty the 33 year old still living at home”. The people cheering me on are successful bloggers, they are the guys I’m working to be like and they’re liking my blog! They’re commenting me good luck. There is nowhere else in the world that a person can get that kind of support fom people they don’t know. From people in the market I want to break into!

Two best examples for this one:



5)      Timothy Ferriss, ‘nuff said. To me Timothy Ferriss is the super star of the blogger world. I see him like I see Tiger Woods in Golf, David Beckham in Soccer (or European Football, whatever), and Pavarotti in Opera. He’s the guy you know even if you know nothing else about the subject. And not only is he an awesome business guy, he’s an awesome guy! Camping, cooking, working out, blogging, tango… This guy is badass. And he still offers the free stuff. He moderates his own blog. He’s open to his fans and followers. And in spite of his awesomeness he still manages to be a regular guy.


I’ve been in blogging maybe a month now and before I started I viewed individual startups and online businesses as fleeting. I viewed them as the next dot-com bubble, or the next housing bubble. And I’ve read things online to show I’m not the only one to ever have this sense.

But I have to say, since starting to learn about blogging and getting involved in the community I get it now. This isn’t a bubble, or a fad, it’s a change in the way we think about the customer/business relationship. Or rather, a return to the good old days when customers knew the people they were buying from, and the owners cared about their customers on a personal level. I honestly believe this will grow and grow until the entire world has fallen in love with it. I look forward to seeing how the growth of blogosphere is going to change this world for the better.

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Gettting Started – The 6 Things You Need to Get Girls

guy flirting with girl

Pickup isn’t just one skill. There is no single thing that mastering will get you every girl that you meet. This might sound obvious but I still see ads all the time on the internet for “The One Thing You Need to Say to Get Girls!” This means there are guys out there that honestly believe girls are like Nintendo 64s and hitting the right combination of A, B, and the directional arrows will make girls fall lin love with them.

Instead, pickup is a combination of social skills that you can learn which will allow you to be more confident and at ease socially, to better project your positive traits when meeting new people, and to comfortably create emotional connections. There are tons of skills to learn, so many that you could spend the rest of your life learning new things to improve your social abilities.

That being said, mastery of only a few skills will take you miles beyond where most people are, especially most guys. Because while girls have been reading Cosmo and swapping dating advice for as long as mankind has had Cosmo and dating guys have just started honing their social skills in the past decade or so. One day, I hope, the dating scene will have just as many socially savvy, confident guys as it does girls. But for right now any guy reading this and looking to improve with girls is at the front of a dating revolution and in a great place

Tools of the Trade– The 6 Things

Now that I’ve made it clear there is no magic code, no catchphrase, and no pickup line that will reprogram a girl into your brainwashed love zombie I’ll go on to outline some of the things that with practice will work.

Attitude – This is the most basic of the basic skills. Without the right attitude nothing else will fall into place. In a future post I’ll go in depth about text, subtext, and how to cultivate the right kind of attitude. For now it’s important to know that pickup should be fun, approach it as something you enjoy doing without stress. Girls can sense how you feel about the situation you’re in so make sure to feel your best at all times.

Body Language – Attitude’s little brother.Your body language will convey the first message a girl gets from you. In all social interactions you should use your body language to convey the same few messages. You should convey that you are comfortable, confident, and interested in the person you’re talking to. Good posture, smiling, eye contact, slow movement, and other things can help with your body language.

Opener – What you say when you first meet a girl. This gets an underserved amount of attention and entire websites can be found that address the different kinds of openers you can use. But because an opener’s job is just to break the ice and to explain why you’re approaching her, anything as simple as “Hi, I’m …” can work. Any opener works if you have your attitude and body language down.

Flirting – This makes the conversation more memorable and takes it beyond small talk. A lot of guys don’t know how to flirt, but remember that flirting is all about playing, making inside jokes with a girl. Not putting her down but making it fun. Some examples of good flirting will come later. For now, don’t put the girl down. This isn’t funny to the girl and won’t win you any cool points.

Story Telling/Listening – Telling stories and getting the other person to tell you stories is the crux of any interaction. This is what creates friendship, or more. Swapping stories is the fastest way to create a connection, but you have to know how to tell a good story and how to be a good listener.

Touching – This is not a dirty as it sounds. Physical contact breeds a sense of closeness, whether it’s a friend punching a friend playfully, family hugging, or a boyfriend kissing his girlfriend. Without any physical contact then you can have the best conversation in the world, but you’ll still just be two straners making great conversation. Touching a girl’s arm or shoulder, or hugging her really bridges that gap.

How to Gain Each Skill

If this sounds like a lot to learn just wait until I get into the details of each and every stage. you’ll need to tackle each phase one at a time, through regular practice. I will be issuing challenges and strategies about how to master each skill. Step one comes down to going out into the world and talking to girls. When you talk to a girl you can focus on keeping a positive attitude each time until a positive attitude is the state you’re naturally in every time you talk to a girl. The same with body language, and the same with opening. Practice each area one by one and before you know it you’ll be the smoothest guy anyone’s ever met.

    Now that the first official post is over and the hard part is out of the way I’m getting more direction with what I want to do on here and hoping that blog posts will come more regularly. Advice is appreciated, please like my posts, comment, and share this site with friends. I’ll return the favor.

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Welcome to Pickup U!

Image     Welcome to my Pickup University. I’m Evan West, and I’m happy to introduce you to my page. Here I will help guys gain mastery in every area of their social lives, especially dating and picking up girls. About five years ago when I got into the whole pickup fad I started with some pretty bad advice. (use hypnosis, use NLP, trick the girls with pre-planned routines, put the girls down to make them feel like you’re higher status than them, etc.) And while some of these strategies work, I discovered over time that these techniques are just crutches, that I wasn’t actually picking up these girls, the techniques were. And worst of all, when I was acting cocky and trying to be a player I wasn’t having fun, nor was I the type of guy anyone would want to be friends with.

     So this site will be used to add content and resources geared towards helping guys, particularly college aged guys, be able to navigate the social and dating scene without the games by being themselves and, most importantly, having fun. Because picking up girls and dating are supposed to be fun! Check in at least once a week for regular updates and I promise your dating and social skills will soar to levels you haven’t even imagined.

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